Our Story

We opened December 2, 2019.

Why this name? Well one, at the risk of being basic, I didn't want the store to have the usual floral shop name - like something to do with buds, blooms, stems, thorns (haha), etc. - you get the picture. Second, we were going to be located downtown and I wanted a name that was catchy and unique but that also had meaning. After throwing lots of names around, with my daughters, this one was suggested and chosen. 9 is for the month of September, 15 for the day in September that date is our precious Mamaw Latham's wonderful day of birth! She is, in fact, the reason for my mom's, mine &  my girls' love of flowers & VASES! She planted them (& grew them "well" I might add) - some that were perennials and many that were annuals. She truly loved them. She made arrangements out of her yard, so beautifully and effortlessly. She loved vases and was careful to chose just the right one for the occasion for which she was making the floral arrangements. Many knew her as Mamaw - her name was Dorothy (of which I also have her namesake) and my Papaw (Lefty) & many of her friends and co-workers, at her 29 years at JCPenney, called her "Dot". Thus the store name 9.15 (pronounced 9 dot 15). This name will be a daily tribute to her, a daily reminder of how flowers can change the feelings of a day, a moment by moment reminder of the blessings and importance of making memories! She lived 93 wonderful years!

I also did a search of Bible verses that are in Chapters 9, verse 15 and this one immediately stood out - and wow - "Thanks be to God for his indescribable gift!" 2 Cor. 9:15. So may 9.15 Floral Designs & Gifts be an indescribable gift to you all, our city and a tribute to our MAMAW!

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